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CompanyJYP Entertainment
Year Debut2020
Year Active4
Year DisbandedN/A

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NiziU (虹U/ニジユ; debut Dec 2, 2020) is a nine-member Japanese girl group formed by JYP Entertainment through the survival show the Nizi Project. NiziU debuted on December 2, 2020 with the single Step and a Step.

The name NiziU (pronounced Niju) comes from the Japanese word "Niji", which means rainbow. The group’s mission is to create a group that emits beautiful light with various colors like a rainbow. ‘U’ (as in ‘need you’) stands for the members and the fans because no one can succeed alone; you need each other and you the need fans.

# of Members9
MembersMako, Riku, Rima, Rio, Maya, Miihi, Mayuka, Ayaka, Nina
Oldest MemberMako (born Apr 4, 2001)
Youngest MemberNina (born Feb 27, 2005)
DebutDec 2, 2020
CompanyJYP Entertainment

NiziU Member Ages

NiziU Age Ranking

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. MakoApr 04, 200123 years old
2. RioFeb 02, 200222 years old
3. MayaApr 08, 200222 years old
4. RikuOct 26, 200221 years old
5. AyakaJun 20, 200320 years old
6. MayukaNov 13, 200320 years old
7. RimaMar 26, 200420 years old
8. MiihiAug 12, 200419 years old
9. NinaFeb 27, 200519 years old

NiziU Member Heights

NiziU Height Ranking

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Ayaka1.67 m (5'6")
2. Nina1.65 m (5'5")
3. Riku1.62 m (5'4")
4. Rima1.60 m (5'3")
5. Mako1.59 m (5'3")
6. Miihi1.59 m (5'3")
7. Mayuka1.59 m (5'3")
8. Rio1.59 m (5'3")
9. Maya1.58 m (5'2")

Members and Position(s)


NiziU is composed of nine members born between 2001 and 2005. Their names are: Mako, Riku, Rima, Rio, Maya, Miihi, Mayuka, Ayaka, and Nina. The oldest member is Mako (born Apr 4, 2001). The youngest member is Nina (born Feb 27, 2005). NiziU has 8 Japanese members and 1 Japanese-American member. Nina was born in Seattle Washington, USA.


Rikulead vocalist
Rimamain rapper
Riomain dancer
Mayasub vocalist
Mayukalead rapper
Ayakavisual, sub vocalist
Ninamain vocalist, maknae

Official Colors

  1. Mako: Pantone 1645 C (Orange)
  2. Rio: Pantone 297 C (Light Blue)
  3. Maya: Pantone 2084 C (Purple)
  4. Riku: Pantone 2003 C (Yellow)
  5. Ayaka: Pantone (White)
  6. Mayuka: Pantone 2239 C (Green)
  7. Rima: Pantone 200 C (Red)
  8. Miihi: Pantone 203 C (Pink)
  9. Nina: Pantone 293 C (Blue)

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The leader and the oldest member of NiziU is Mako (born Apr 4, 2001).
  • The youngest member (maknae) of NiziU is Nina (born Feb 27, 2005).
  • NiziU made an appearance on Stray Kids’ M/V for Back Door.
  • Mayuka and Riku joined the survival show Nizi Project with no prior experience as trainees.
  • Mako is the member with the longest training period. She was a JYP trainee for three years.
  • All NiziU members were born in Japan except for Nina. Nina was born in Seattle, Washington, USA.
  • Nina is the only NiziU member with a mixed descent. She is half Japanese and half Caucasian.
  • Mayuka and Ayaka were voted as the members that changed the most by NiziU members. Both members grew their skills significantly during Nizi Project.
  • To decide who is the person in charge of cleaning a certain area, the members use a ladder lottery game.
  • They decide who washes the dishes and who takes a bath first through rock-paper-scissors.


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