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CompanyCube Entertainment
Year Debut2018
Year Active4
Year DisbandedN/A

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(G)I-DLE (아이들; pronounced “idle”) is a 5-member South Korean girl group under Cube Entertainment. The group debuted on May 2, 2018 with 6 members: Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua. Soojin left the group in 2021 following a bullying scandal.

Meaning of (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE is pronounced simply “idle” (ai·dl; sounds similar to idol). The “g” is silent. The “(G)” means Girl. The “I” represents each Individual in the group. The “DLE” is a reference to the Korean word Deul, which is used to make the plural form of noun words and in this case the plural form of “I”. In essence, the name represents six different individuals gathered together. "IDLE" is also in reference to the Korean word children (아이들).


# of Members5
MembersMiyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuqi, Shuhua
Former MemberSoojin
Oldest MemberMiyeon (born Jan 31, 1997)
Youngest MemberShuhua (born Jan 6, 2000)
CompanyCube Entertainment
DebutMay 2, 2018

(G)-IDLE Member Ages

(G)-IDLE Age Ranking

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. MiyeonJan 31, 199725 years old
2. MinnieOct 23, 199724 years old
3. SoyeonAug 26, 199824 years old
4. YuqiSep 23, 199923 years old
5. ShuhuaJan 06, 200022 years old

(G)-IDLE Member Heights

(G)-IDLE Height Ranking

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Minnie1.65 m (5'5")
2. Yuqi1.62 m (5'4")
3. Shuhua1.61 m (5'3")
4. Miyeon1.61 m (5'3")
5. Soyeon1.57 m (5'2")

Members and Positions


(G)I-DLE is composed of 5 members born between 1997 and 2000. Their names are: Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua. The oldest member is Miyeon (born Jan 31, 1997). The youngest member is Shuhua (born Jan 6, 2000). The leader of the group is Soyeon. Two of the members (Miyeon, Soyeon) are Korean. The other three members (Yuqi, Minnie, and Shuhua) are foreigners. Shuhua is Taiwanese; Yuqi is Chinese; Minnie is Thai.


Miyeonmain vocalist, visual
Minniemain vocalist
Soyeonleader, main rapper, sub-vocalist, center
Yuqilead dancer, sub-rapper, sub-vocalist
Shuhuasub-vocalist, visual, maknae

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The leader of (G)I-DLE is Soyeon.
  • The tallest member of (G)I-DLE is Minnie with a height of 164 cm (5’5'').
  • The shortest member of (G)I-DLE is Soyeon with a height of 157 cm (5’2'').
  • Cho Miyeon, one of the main vocalist of (G)I-DLE, was rumored to be Blackpink's fifth member. Multiple pictures of all 5 girls surfaced the web so netizens think that Blackpink was originally planned to debut with Miyeon in the group. However, fans believe that she was removed from Blackpink after pictures of her dating were circulating on the web.
  • There is an age gap of 3 years between Miyeon (oldest member) and Shuhua (youngest member).
  • (G)I-DLE stands out from other idol groups because many of their members (Soyeon, Yuqi, and Minnie) are involved in the production and writing of their own songs.


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