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Stage NameRio
Full NameHanabashi Rio
Country of BirthJapan
Date of BirthFeb 02, 2002
Age21 years old
Height1.59 m (5'3")
Weight47 kg (103 lbs)
Blood TypeB

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Hanabashi Rio (花橋梨緒; born Feb 2, 2002), simply known as Rio, is a Japanese singer and a member of the Japanese-Korean group NiziU under JYP Entertainment. She was a contestant of the 2020 survival show Nizi Project and became part of the final lineup of the winning group, NiziU. Rio made her debut with NiziU on Dec 2, 2020 at the age of 18.


  • Stage Name: Rio
  • Full Name: Hanabashi Rio
  • Japanese Name: 花橋梨緒
  • Country of Birth: Japan
  • Birthday: Feb 4, 2002
  • Height: 159 cm (5'3'')
  • Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B


Rio struggled with her two dreams – acting and music. She was a member of the vocal unit KIZZY at EXPGLab (Exile Professional Gym) and became a top student; however, in 2019, she left EXPG to pursue her acting ambitions. Around this time, torn between her two dreams, the auditions for Nizi Project were being held so she decided to participate looking for an answer.

During the first season of Nizi Project, she was praised by JYP for dancing with full emotions and confidence. Rio eventually acquired 3 out of the 4 pendants - dance, vocal, and personality; she missed to earn the star power pendant. On the vocal test, she ranked 13th; on the dance test, she ranked 9th. She successfully passed the season 1 of the show, ranking 10th overall. She eventually became one of the nine winners in the competition and won a place in the final lineup of NiziU. She ranked 4th place.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Age trivia: Rio was 18 years old when she made her debut with NiziU.
  • Rio stands at an estimated height of 159 cm (5'3'') and has an estimated weight of 47 kg (104 lbs).
  • Rio’s specialties include dancing and free-styling.
  • She enjoys fashion.
  • Rio is a former member of the an acrobatic and vocal crew called Exile. She had joined in 2015 during high school.
  • Rio is a former member of the unit Kizzy / Bunnies under the agency EXPGLab in Japan. She performed under the stage name HanaRio.
  • Rio’s representative color is indigo.
  • Rio’s family name, Hanabashi, is very rare. Only around ~60 people have that last name in Japan.
  • Rio is considered a dance prodigy. She started dancing when she was only in second grade.
  • Rio attended EXPG (Exile Professional Gym) when she was in 8th grade. This is the same academy that Twice’s Sana attended.
  • Rio is very careful and pays attention to her fashion every day.


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