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Stage NameLISA
Country of BirthThailand
Date of BirthMar 27 1997
Age23 years old
Height1.67 m (5'6")
Weight44 kg (98 lbs)
Blood TypeO



Lalisa Manoban, (born Pranpriya Manoban) better known by her stage name Lisa, is a Thai singer, dancer, and member of kpop girl group Blackpink formed by YG Entertainment (YGE). She was born on March 27, 1997 in Buriram, Thailand as an only child. Her mom is Thai and her stepfather, Marco Bruschweiler, is a Swiss renown chef in Thailand.

In 2009, she joined the dance group We Zaa Cool in Thailand along with Bambam (from GOT7) and Ten (from NCT and SuperM). In 2010, at the age of 13, she auditioned for YGE during their Thailand auditions and ranked 1st; she was the only individual to pass the audition. In 2011, Lisa officially became part of YGE, moved to South Korea, and embarked on her new journey as a trainee where she practiced Korean, dancing, rapping, and singing.

In her early trainee days, she struggled communicating with others as she had no previous knowledge of Korean and others in the company were not allowed to speak to her in English in order to improve her Korean quickly. Her bandmates were very supportive throughout this time as she was the only non-Korean member of Blackpink. In 2013, prior to her debut, she made a small appearance in Taeyang's music video Ringa Linga.

Lisa spent over 5 years training with YGE before officially debuting with Blackpink in 2016. On November 2018, she officially released her YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official, which quickly garnered millions of subscribers. On October 2019, she joined the iQiyi’s Chinese survival show Idol Producer as a judge and mentor.



In 2019, Lisa was voted 2nd in Starmometer’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World and 1st in TC Candler Asia’s Most Beautiful Face in Asia. Lisa’s signature look is a subtle cat-eye. She typically tightlines her upper lash line which make her lashes look fuller. For lips, she prefers lip products with natural colors, typically nude or corals; although, she can also be seeing wearing bold red lips. She is often seeing wearing Moonshot lipsticks since she is one of their beauty ambassadors. Lisa and Jennie spend the most in clothing out of all Blackpink members.


Manboban Lalisa does not follow any strict or specific diet as she mentioned during an episode of YouthWithYou, a Chinese survival show where she was a mentor. She likes to have a detox juice daily.


While she doesn’t particularly enjoy working out, Manoban Lalisa manages to stay in great shape through her dance practices. One of her favorite ways to exercise is doing pilates. Lisa demonstrated that despite her slim body, she is very strong and fit during an episode of Real Man 300. While many of the female cast members struggled doing push-ups, Lisa was able to do 20 push-ups, out-numbering the other cast members significantly.


-Age trivia: Manoban Lalisa was 19 years old (19 international age; 20 Korean age) when she debuted with Blackpink in 2016.

-Height: Lisa has a height of 167 cm (5’6”), making her the second tallest member of Blackpink.

-Hobbies: Lisa enjoys photography as a hobby. She released a limited edition photobook titled 0327 that was released on her birthday, March 27, 2020.

-Languages: Lisa can speak five different languages: Thai, Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. Thai is her native language. She learned English growing up and has an advance level; she is often seeing speaking English to her stepfather, Marco Bruschweiler, and to her mentees during the show YouthWithYou. She learned Korean, Japanese, and Chinese during her pre-debut days as a trainee. Her Korean is fluent while her Japanese and Chinese are basic.

-Pets: Lisa has four cats named Leo, Lily, Louis, and Luca.

-Popularity: Lisa became the most followed kpop idol on Instagram with over 17 million followers in April 2019.

-Training Time: Lisa was a trainee for five years before her debut with Blackpink.


YearAge*Life Event
19971Lisa was born as Pranpriya Manoban in Buriram Province Thailand.
20015Lisa started taking dance classes and competing in dance competitions throughout her childhood.
200913Lisa won the ‘Special Team’ Award as part of the LG Entertainment Million Dream Sanan World competition
201014Lisa auditioned for YG in Thailand. She was the only applicant to pass the audition of 4,000 who tried.
201115Lisa officially joins YG Entertainment as a trainee.
201620Lisa made her debut with Blackpink.
201822Lisa joined the cast of Real Man 300. She released her official Youtube channel Lilifilm Official. Lisa won Person of the Year at The Standard award ceremony.
201923Lisa became a mentor on the Chinese survival show Idol Producer. She became the most followed Kpop idol with over 17 million followers at the time. Lisa landed her first solo magazine cover for Harper’s Bazaar Thailand. Lisa was voted 2nd in Starmometer’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World.

*Korean age


Instagram: @lalalalisa_m

Youtube: LiLifilm Official

LILI's FILM #4 - LISA Dance Performance Video

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