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Great Seoul Invasion

Great Seoul Invasion

NameGreat Seoul Invasion
Year Debut2022
Year Active1
Year DisbandedN/A

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Great Seoul Invasion (그레이트 서울 인베이전; 2022) is a survival show from Mnet that aims to discover MZ generation bands to represent Korea globally. The show aired on June 29, 2002.


  • Native Name: 그레이트 서울 인베이전
  • Acronym: GSI
  • Air Time: Jun 29, 2022 through Aug 31, 2022
  • Network: Mnet
  • Episodes: 10
  • MC: Yoon Bak (Yoon Park)
  • Genre: reality show, survival show
  • Contestants: 18 bands

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Judges and Team Leaders

The MC of the show is actor Yoon Park from the K-drama Forecasting Love and Weather. He is also a drummer.

There are 10 mentors teaming up in groups to lead the bands. The team leaders (judges) of Great Seoul Invasion are:


About 48 bands auditioned during the live streaming on April 16 and April 17 of 2022. Of the 48 bands, 18 passed to the next round and became contestants in Great Seoul Invasion. The contestants are: Band Nah, The Next Generation, D82, Hangronan, HeyMen, Hwanho, Lacuna, MacGuffin (MGFF), ONEWE, OWALLOIL, PATZ, South Club, SURL, Touched, Under Hills, W24, Walking After U, Yudabin Band.

Under Hills, Band Nah

1. Under Hills

  • Debut: 2022
  • Members: Park Ma Seong (vocals), Jo Hyeok (guitar), Kim Beom Su (bass), Kim Min Jae (drums), AirAir (producer)

2. Band Nah

  • Debut: 2014
  • Members: Nah Sang Hyeon (vocals, guitar), Baek Seung Ryeol (bass), Kang Hyeon Ung (drums)


3. D82

  • Debut: 2021
  • Members: Han Seung Yun (vocals, guitar), Kim Eun se (bass), Hwang Min Jae (drums), Kim Chang Hyeon (keyboard)


  • Debut: 2022
  • Members: COKEONSOBER (vocals), Kim Yu Min (bass), Park Jae Hui (guitar), Kim Jeong Hoon (drums)

SURL, Walking After U


  • Debut: 2018
  • Members: Seo Ho Seung (vocals, guitar), Lee Han Bin (bass), Kim Do Yeon (guitar), Oh Myeong Seok (drums)

6. Walking After U

  • Debut: 2018
  • Members: Hae In (vocals, guitar), Han Gyeom (bass), Ahyeon (drums), Sunny (keyboard)

HeyMen, W24

7. HeyMen

  • Debut: 2017
  • Members: Do Young (vocals), Gong Tan (drums), Terry Kim (guitar)

8. W24

  • Debut: 2018
  • Members: Jeong Ho Won (vocals), Park Aron (keyboard), Kim Yun Su (guitar), Kim Jong Gil (drums)

ONEWE, Lacuna


10. Lacuna

  • Debut: 2018
  • Members: Jang Kyung Min (vocals, guitar), Kim Ho (bass), Jung Min Hyuk (guitar), Oh Isaac (drums)
  • Fun Fact: The name Lacuna comes from the fictional company in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Lacuna Inc.



  • Debut: 2019
  • Members: Ryu Ji Ho (vocals), Jang Tae Woong (guitar), Kwak Ji Hyeon (keyboard)

12. MacGuffin (MGFF)

  • Debut: 2016
  • Members: Byeon Ha Eun (vocals, guitar), SNOOQ (drums), Bae Joon Il (guitar), UHI (bass)

Yudabin, Touched

13. Yudabin Band

  • Debut: 2019
  • Members: Yu Da Bin (vocals, guitar), Lee Sang Un (drums), Jo Yeong Yoon (bass), Lee Jun Hyeong (guitar), YOU (keyboard)

14. Touched

  • Debut: 2021
  • Members: Yun Min (vocals), Kim Seung Bin (drums), John B. Kim (bass), Chae Do Hyeon (keyboard), D.on (guitar)

Hangronan, South Club

15. Hangronan

  • Debut: 2021
  • Members: Ku Ja Myeong (vocals), Cha Hyun bin (guitar), Kang Ji Ae (bass), Kim Seon Woo (drums)

16. South Club

  • Debut: 2017
  • Members: Nam Tae Hyun (vocals), Jeong Hoe Min (bass), Kang Min Jun (guitar), Lee Dong Keun (drums)
  • Fun Facts: Nam Tae Hyun is a former member of WINNEr.

The Next Generation, Hwanho

17. The Next Generation

  • Debut: 2019
  • Members: Lee Chan Hee (vocals), Lee Won Hee (drums), Lee Jun Hyeong (guitar), Nam Go Rae (bass)

18. Hwanho

  • Debut: 2018
  • Members: Yu Hwan Ju (vocals, guitar), Ahn Byung Jun (drums), Kim Yoon Sung (bass), Kim Ho Jin (guitar)
  • Fun Fact: the group participated in SuperBand 2; only Yoo Hwan Ju passed the audition round.


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