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Street Man Fighter

Street Man Fighter

NameStreet Man Fighter
Year Debut2022
Year Active2
Year DisbandedN/A

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Street Man Fighter (스트릿 맨 파이터; premiere in 2022) is a South Korean reality show from Mnet featuring male dance crews competing for the title of the best dance crew. The show is a spin-off of the successful 2021 female version Street Woman Fighter. Street Man Fighter, or in short SMF, premiered in the summer of 2022.

MC Host: Daniel Kang

Judges: Wooyoung, Eunhyuk, BoA

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The contestants of Street Man Fighter are 8 all-boys dance crews: 1MILLION, WDBZ (We Dem Boyz), EO-DDAE, BIIB (Bank Two Brothers), PRIMEKINGZ, YGX, Mbitious, and Just Jerk.

Mbitious was formed as a prequel to Street Man Fighter.

GroupLeader# Members
1MILLIONMihawk Back7
JustJerkYoung J5



Mbitious is a project dance group that was put together prior to Street Man Fighter through a competition show called Be Mbitious . The prequel premiered on May 24, 2022.

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Contestants of the reality show included idols, former trainees, and professional dancers. Some of the popular contestants include: Cha Hyun Seung (Netflix's Single's Inferno), Kino (Pentagon), U (ONF), Harry June (DKB), Hoya (Infinite), and BM (KARD).

The original 40 contestants of Be Mbitious were: Kim Jung Woo (김정우), Kim Pyong Ya (김평야), Roh Taehyun (노태현), Dan (단), Logan (로건), Mr. Lil (릴씨), Midnight Blue (미드나잇블루), Bae Seung Yoon (배승윤), Baekjin (백진), Byun Yong Seok (변용석), Brother Bin (브라더빈), Biggle (비글), BM, Ciz (씨즈), XHIN (씬), Ain (아인), Yamakasi (야마카시), OHBODY (오바디), Austin (오스틴), 5000 (오천), Woo Tae (우태), U (유), UKUN (유쿤), Lee Howon (이호원), Jeong Gu Seong (정구성), Juki (주키), Jin (진), Jinwoo (진우), Cha Hyun Seung (차현승), Kasper (캐스퍼), Kuro (쿠로), Kuma shin (쿠마신), Crazy Kyo (크레이지쿄), Clown Maker (클라운메이커), Kino (키노), Tarzan (타잔), Tutat (투탓), Trandee Rock (트렌디락), TRex Man (티렉스맨), Harry June (해리준).

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1MILLION is the largest dance academy and label in South Korea. The studio was originally established in 2014. In 2015, they opened their YouTube channel and a year later, they quickly exceeded 1M subscribers. Hyojin Choi, from WANT, is one of their choreographers. Many of the contestants of MBitious were choreographers of 1MILLION including: Tarzan, Austin, Crazy Kyo, Koo Sung Jung, and Jinwoo.

See their 1MILLION'S profile here!



  • No. members: 8
  • Leader: Vata (born Dec 12, 1994)
  • Members: Youngbin (영빈), Dophan (돕한), Ingyu (인규), Kamel (카멜), Vata (바타), Haesung (해성), Insun (인선), Kyungnam (경남)
  • Oldest member: Kyungnam (born Jun 16, 1994). He was 28 years old during the show.
  • Youngest member: Ingyoo (born Jun 7, 1998). He was 24 years old during the show.
  • Dance crew's Instagram: We Dem Boyz
  • Members' Instagrams: Vata, Haesung, Dophan, Kyungnam, Insun, Ingyoo, Kamel, Youngbin



  • No. members: 6
  • Leader: TED (born Jul 22, 1994)
  • Members: E.Jo (이조), Ted (테드), Black.Q (블랙큐), Kinky (킹키), Duck (덕), Quanz (콴즈)
  • Oldest member: Kinky (born May 21, 1993)
  • Youngest member: E.Jo (born Aug 6, 1996)
  • Dance crew's Instagram: EODDAE
  • Members' Instagrams: TED, Black.Q, Duck, E.Jo, Quanz, Kinky

Bank Two Brothers


  • No. members: 6
  • Leader: JRoc (born Oct 8, 1988)
  • Members: Feeldog (필독), JRoc (제이락), Deegun (디건), Gof (고프), BusyBe (비지비), Gi Seok (기석)
  • Oldest member: JRoc (born Oct 8, 1988). He was 33 years old during the show.
  • Youngest member: Giseok (born Dec 1, 1995). He was 26 years old during the show.
  • Dance crew's Instagram: banktwobrothers
  • Members' Instagrams: BusyBe, Deegun, JRoc, Feeldog, Giseok, Gof



  • No. members: 6
  • Leader: Trix (born Mar 25, 1990)
  • Members: Knucks (넉스), 2face (투페이스), Kyoyung Jr (교영주니어), Trix (트릭스), Door (도어), Counter (카운터)
  • Oldest member: 2face (born Dec 11, 1985). He was 36 years old during the show.
  • Youngest member: Kyoyung Jr. (born Mar 30, 1995). He was 27 years old during the show.
  • Dance crew's Instagram: PRIME KINGZ
  • Members' Instagram: Trix, Knucks, Counter, 2face, Door, Kyoyung Jr.



  • No. members: 7
  • Leader: Youngdeuk (born Nov 20, 1989)
  • Members: Kwon Youngdeuk (권영득), Kwon Youngdon (권영돈), Junsun (준선), Dow (도우), Junho (준호), Mood Dok (무드독), Hyunse (현세)
  • Oldest member: Youngdeuk and Youngdon twins (born Nov 20, 1989)
  • Youngest member: Dow (born Oct 9, 1996)
  • Dance crew's Instagram: YGX
  • Members' Instagrams: Dow, Kwon Youngdeuk, Junsun, Kwon Youngdon, Junho, Hyunse, Mood Dok

YGX (X Academy) is a sub division of YG Entertainment. Kwon Youngdeuk and Kwon Youngdon are twin brothers.



  • No. members: 7
  • Leader: Young-J (born Feb 22, 1992)
  • Members: Howl (하울), Hulk (헐크), J Ho (제이호), Minseo (민서), Yejun (예준), Young-J (영제이), S.One (에스원)
  • Oldest member: S.ONE (born Mar 21, 1989). He was 33 years old during the show.
  • Youngest member: Minseo (born Jun 19, 2002). He was 20 years old during the show.
  • Members' Instagrams: Yejun, Hulk, Howl, Minseo, J-Ho, S.One, Young-J
  • Dance crew's Instagram: Just Jerk

Just Jerk was originally formed by Young-J and his best friend J-Ho. They competed in the Body Rock Dance Competition in 2016 and won the championship. Just Jerk also made it to the quarter finals of the 2017 reality show America's Got Talent season 12. They have worked with artists like Taemin, Jay Park, and Mamamoo's Wheein.


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