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CompanyStarship Entertainment
Year Debut2015
Year Active8
Year DisbandedN/A

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MONSTA X (몬스타엑스; debuted May 14, 2015) is a six-member South Korean (K-pop) boy group formed by Starship Entertainment through the survival show No.Mercy. The group debuted on May 14, 2015 with originally seven members: Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwoon, Joohoney, I.M, and Wonho (left in Oct 2019).

Monsta X has 2 different meanings. One meaning is ‘monsters conquering the Kpop scene’. The other meaning is ‘My Star’, where the Mon comes from the French word ‘my’, sta is for star, and the X symbolizes an unknown existence. The official fandom name of Monsta X is Monbebe, which means my baby in French. Mon means ‘my’ and bebe means ‘baby’.

# of Members6
MembersShownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwoon, Joohoney, I.M
Former MemberWonho
Oldest MemberShownu (born Jun 18, 1992)
Youngest MemberI.M (born Jan 26, 1996)
DebutMay 14, 2015
CompanyStarship Entertainment

MONSTA X Member Ages

MONSTA X Age Ranking

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. ShownuJun 18, 199230 years old
2. MinhyukNov 03, 199329 years old
3. KihyunNov 22, 199329 years old
4. HyungwonJan 15, 199429 years old
5. JoohoneyOct 06, 199428 years old
6. I.MJan 26, 199627 years old

MONSTA X Member Heights

MONSTA X Height Ranking

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Hyungwon1.82 m (6'0")
2. Shownu1.81 m (5'11")
3. Minhyuk1.79 m (5'10")
4. Joohoney1.77 m (5'10")
5. I.M1.75 m (5'9")
6. Kihyun1.75 m (5'9")

Members and Position(s)


MONSTA X is composed of six members born between 1992 and 1996. The current members are Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwoon, Joohoney, I.M. Former members include Wonho who left in Oct 2019). The leader and oldest member is Shownu (born Jun 18, 1992). The youngest member (maknae) is I.M (born Jan 26, 1996). All of the members are Korean.


Shownuleader, main dancer, vocalist
Mnhyukvisual, vocalist
Kihyunmain vocalist
Hyungwonlead dancer, vocalist, visual
Joohoneymain rapper
I.Mlead rapper, maknae

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The leader and oldest member of Monsta X is Shownu (born Jun 18, 1992). He is also the main dancer.
  • The youngest member (maknae) of Monsta X is I.M (born Jan 26, 1996).
  • The tallest member of Monsta X is Hyungwon with a height of 182 cm (6'0'')
  • The shortest member of Monsta X is I.M with a height of 175 cm (5'9'').
  • The main vocalist of Monsta X is Kihyun.
  • The main visual of Monsta X is Hyungwon.


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