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Miss Trot 2

Miss Trot 2

NameMiss Trot 2
Year Debut2020
Year Active3
Year DisbandedN/A

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Miss Trot Season 2 (미스트롯; aired 2020-2021) is a South Korean reality show aired on TV Chosun. The show premiered on Dec 17, 2020. Miss Trot is a trot survival show where 100 female trot singers compete to win prize money and the chance to record a single.


Number of Participants: 100

Broadcast: Dec 2020 - 2021

Network: TV Chosun

Miss Trot 2 Member Ages

Miss Trot 2 Age Ranking

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. ChanmiApr 06, 199231 years old
2. SornNov 18, 199627 years old
3. TaehaJun 03, 199825 years old
4. MariaSep 21, 200023 years old

Miss Trot 2 Member Heights

Miss Trot 2 Height Ranking

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Taeha1.63 m (5'4")
2. Chanmi1.61 m (5'3")
3. Sorn1.60 m (5'3")
4. Maria


More detailed profiles available (marked with an * asterisk)

Idol Group: Taeha *; Huh Chan Mi *; Sorn *; Kim Sa Eun; Hong Ji Yoon; Hwang Woo Rim

Kid Group: Hwang Seung Ah; Kim Tae Yeon; Im Seo Won; Kim Ji Yool; Kim Soobin; Kim Dahyun; Lee Sowon

Elderly Group: Chae Eun Jung; Oh Seung Eun; Kim Yeon Ji; Kim Seong Eun; Lee Jae Eun; Navi; Kim Hyun Jung; Young Ji; Yoon Hee; Heo Yoon Ah;

Middle and High School Group: Jeon Yoo Jin; Song Yoo Jin; Lee Ye Eun; Pastel Girls

University Group: Oh Hee Sun; Maria *

Twin Group: Sisters; Twin Girls; Chan Mi Chan Song; Artwins; Miss Dong Yi

Mother Group: Park Seul Gi; Baek Jang Mi; Ga Ya Song; Yang Ji Eun, Kang Yoo Jin *

Re-Challenging Group: Kim So Yoo; Jang Ha On; Gong So Won

Workplace A: Han Cho Im; Rooney Kim; Bubbly Dia; Choi Seul Hwa; Ha Seo Jung

Workplace B: Kim Soo Yeon; Kang Yae Bin; Lee Hee Min; Kim Myeong Sun

Active Group A: Soyumi; Jin Dal Rae; Jang Tae Hee; Jung Hae Jin; Kim Da Na

Active Group B: Kang Hye Yeon; Yoon Tae Hwa; Byul Sa Rang; Ha Yi Rang

Other Genres: Oh Seo Young; Song Hayea; Bang Sae Ok; Eun Ga Eun; Choi Hyung Seon

Contestants' Profiles

Taeha (Idol Group)

Stage Name: Taeha

Full Name: Kim Taeha

Korean Name: 김태하

Birth Place: Korea

Birthday: Jun 3, 1998

Height: 163 cm (5' 4")

Weight: 51 kg (112 lbs)

Blood Type: B

Zodiac: Gemini

Fun Facts and Trivia

-Age trivia: Taeha was 22 years old when she was competing in Miss Trot 2.

-She was born as Kim Minji. She legally changed her name to Kim Taeha.

-She is a former member of the kpop girl group Momoland. She was the main vocalist.

-She legally changed her name from Kim Minji to Kim Taeha.

-She is the cousin of JYJ’s Junsu.

-She is a former trainee from Starship Entertainment. She was training to debut with Cosmic Girls.

-She participated in Produce 101, season 1.

-Taeha left Momoland in 2019 because she wanted to start a new career and express herself in her own voice.

Chanmi (Idol Group)

Stage Name: Chan Mi

Full Name: Huh Chan Mi

Date of Birth Apr 6, 1992

Birth Country: Korea

Fun Facts and Trivia

-Chanmi was a contestant in the idol survival show Produce 101 and ranked 26. She also participated in Mixnine and ranked 20.

-Chanmi is a former SM Entertainment trainee. She joined SM in 2004 and was training to become a member of Girls’ Gerneration (SNSD); however, she did not end up joining the final lineup because she was too young at the time (only in seventh grade).

-She is a former member of the co-ed group Coed School. They debuted in 2010 but disbanded shortly after.

-She is a former member of the girl group F-ve Dolls in 2011. She left in Feb 2012.

-She signed with First One Entertainment in 2020 as a solo artist.

Sorn (Idol Group)

Stage Name: Sorn

Full Name: Chonnasorn Sajakul

Country of Birth: Thailand

Date of Birth: Nov 18, 1996

Blood Type: A

-She is a member of the kpop girl group CLC.

Maria (University Group)

Stage Name: Maria

Full Name: Maria Elizabeth Leise

Korean Name: 마리아

Birth Place: United States

Birthday: Sep 21, 2000

Fun Facts and Trivia

-Special ability: vocals.

-Her dream is to become a kpop singer.

-Her first kpop song was EXO Call Me Baby.

-She taught herself Korean in 2 years. She is fluent now.

-She studied at the Born Star K-pop Training Center. She had lessons in vocal, dance, and acting.

-Style: fun, young, charming.

-Favorite song to sing: Butterly (BTS).

-Favorite artist: The Boyz – Jacob or Kevin.

-She appeared on the show Hidden Singer season 6, ep 11

-She participated in the 2019 Mnet reality show UHSN.

-Prior to moving to Korea, she trained at a NY based talent company, performed in Times Squre, and won several competitions.

-She won a roundtrip ticket to South Korea as a first place prize.

-Her hope is to become the first and/or best white American Kpop singer.

-She attended the Ledyard Vo-Ag program but later transferred to Norwich Free Academy as a sophomore.

-She attended Berklee College of Music in Boston for a 5-week music program.

Kang Yoo Jin (Mother Group)

-Participant on Kim Yeon Ja’s Hidden Singer episode.


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