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Heart Signal 4

Heart Signal 4

NameHeart Signal 4
Year Debut2023
Year ActiveN/A
Year DisbandedN/A

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Heart Signal 4 (하트시그널 시즌4) is the fourth season of the South Korean dating show series. Season 4 aired on May 17, 2023.

Heart Signal is a reality show where four women and four men live together in the same house called the Signal House. As part of the house rules, every night, each of the cast members sends a text to the person they are interested in. They are not allowed to openly confess to that person.


  • Series: Heart Signal
  • Cast Members: Han Kyo Reh, Min Kyu Shin, Lee Joo Mi, Ji Min Kim, Ji Young Kim, Yoo Ji Won
  • Panelists: Lee Sang Min, Kim Eana, Yoon Shi Yoon, Mimi (Oh My Girl)
  • Broadcasted: May 17, 2023
  • Episodes: 16
  • Related: Heart Signal 3


So far 6 tenants have been revealed. Three women and three men. Their names are Han Kyo Reh, Min Kyu Shin, Lee Joo Mi, Ji Min Kim, Ji Young Kim, and Yoo Ji Won.

If Heart Signal 4 remains consistent with the prior season, the audience can expect to see a total of 4 handsome single men and 4 beautiful single women as part of the cast. Of the 8 contestants, 1 or possibly 2 could join later in the show as a 'catfish'. Contestants' ages range between their early 20s to mid-30s.

Cast Members Ages

Cast MemberBirthdayAge (2023)
Han Kyo Reh199033
Min Kyu Shin199330
Lee Joo Mi199429
Ji Young Kim199528
Yoo Ji Won199627
Ji Min Kim200023

Final Signals

Cast MemberSent toReceived from
Han Kyo Reh
Min Kyu Shin
Lee Joo Mi
Ji Young Kim
Yoo Ji Won
Ji Min Kim

Facts and Trivia

  • The selection of season 4 contestants had more strict requirements and included more thorough background check following the scandals and accusations of some of the cast members from prior seasons.

  • Full Name: Han Kyo Reh
  • Korean Name: 한겨레
  • Birthday: 1990
  • Age (2023): 33 years old
  • Occupation / Job: barista
  • Education: Theater and Film

Min Kyu Shin

  • Full Name: Min Kyu Shin
  • Korean Name: 신민규
  • Birthday: 1993
  • Age (2023): 30 years old
  • Occupation / Job: Nemo Partners SCG Consultant
  • Education: Hanyeong Foreign Language School
  • Fun Facts: he studied French

Yoo Ji Won

  • Full Name: Yoo Ji Won
  • Korean Name: 유지원
  • Birthday: 1996
  • Age (2023): 27 years old
  • Occupation / Job: Veterinarian
  • Education:

Lee Joo Mi

  • Full Name: Lee Joo Mi
  • Korean Name: 이주미
  • Birthday: 1994
  • Age (2023): 29 years old
  • Occupation / Job: Law
  • Education: Ajou University Law School

Ji Young Kim

  • Full Name: Ji Young Kim
  • Korean Name: 김지영
  • Birthday: 1995
  • Age (2023): 28 years old
  • Occupation / Job: model, Korean Air flight attendant
  • Education:
  • Fun facts: she is allergic to flour. Her favorite food is hamburgers.

Ji Min Kim

  • Full Name: Ji Min Kim
  • Korean Name: 김지민
  • Birthday: 2000
  • Age (2023): 23 years old
  • Occupation / Job: college student
  • Education: Sungshin Women's University


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