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Physical: 100

Physical: 100

NamePhysical: 100
Year Debut2023
Year ActiveN/A
Year DisbandedN/A

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Physical: 100 (피지컬: 100; 2023) is a South Korean reality survival show aired on Netflix. The show premiered on Feb 21, 2023. A total of 100 strong contestants compete in different individual and team fitness challenges to win the prize of 300 million KRW (around $240,000 USD).

Show Summary

  • Genre: Reality Show, Sports
  • Distributor: Netflix
  • Episodes: 9
  • Airing Time: Feb 21, 2023

Winner and Top 5

The final winner of Physical 100 was Woo Jin Yong.

Top 5 contestants:

  • 1) Woo Jin Yong: winner of entire game; won The Tail of Ouroboros (run to tag the person ahead)
  • 2) Jung Hae Min: won The Punishment of Sisyphus (push a 100kg boulder back and forth)
  • 3) Park Jin Yong: won The Fire of Prometheus (obstacle course)
  • 4) Jo Jin Hyeong: won The Punishment of Atlas (hold a 50kg boulder)
  • 5) Kim Min Cheol: won The Wings of Icarus (endless rope climbing)

Cast and Contestants: Part 1/9

Cast and Contestants: Part 2/9

  • Shim Eu Ddeum (top 30): fitness YouTuber, former bodybuilder.Instagram: euddeume_.
  • Shin Bo Mirae (top 20): WBC super featherweight world champion. Instagram: shinbomire.
  • Song A Reum (top 20): bodybuilder and fitness model. Wife of Kim Kang Min. Instagram: ssong_rme.
  • Kim Kang Min (top 20): bodybuilder and Youtuber. Husband of Song A Reum. Instagram: kang_min_kim.
  • Hong Beom Seok: former firefighter.
  • Lee Yong Seung: bodybuilder.
  • Kim Ji Wook: diver, model.
  • Yun Seok Hwan: swimming national team.
  • Jang Eun Sil (top 30): national team wrestler. Instagram: sillllling.
  • Joo Dong Jo: MMA fighter.
  • Dustin Nippert (top 20): American, former Arizona Diamondbacks baseball player. Instagram: dnippert40.
  • Hwang Bit Yeo Ul: CrossFit athlete.

Cast and Contestants: Part 3/9

  • Jeon Min Seok: marine police.
  • Ko Da Young: pilates instructor.
  • Jeong Bo Kyeong (top 20): judo national team.
  • Jo Jin Hyeong (#4): car dealer, winner of Strongest Man in 2019. Instagram: rornfl82.
  • Park Ji Su
  • Park Jung Ho: prison guard.
  • Choi Kyu Tae: ballerinio.
  • Jjang Jae: UDT reserve sergeant.
  • Lee Ju Hyung: ice hockey player.
  • Woo Jin Yong (#1): CrossFit athlete, Korean national snowboarding team member. Instagram: jdsbx.
  • Park Seon Kwan: swimmer.
  • Choi Min Yong: marathon runner.

Cast and Contestants: Part 4/9

  • Im Jeong Yun: bodybuilder, and model. Instagram: imjeongfit.
  • Nam Kyung Jin: wrestling national team.
  • Kim Da Young (top 20): stuntwoman, model, appeared in Squid Game. Instagram: __dalami.
  • Yu Ga Ram: fitness model.
  • Seol Ki Kwan (top 20): member of South Korea's national bodybuilding team.Instagram: kikwan_seol.
  • Choi In Ho: fitness trainer.
  • Kim Min Cheol (#5): national team ice climber, special mountain rescuer. Instagram: kmc_1203_.
  • Yang Hak Seon (top 30): gymnast. Instagram: yang1yang2.
  • Lee So Young: fitness model.
  • Kim Sung Jun: model.
  • Kim Sung Hun: fitness trainer.
  • Lee Dae Won: trot singer.

Cast and Contestants: Part 5/9

  • Lee Mi Ho (top 30): fitness trainer.
  • Bang Seong Hyeok: fitness trainer.
  • Son Hee Dong (top 20): Korean national wrestling member. Instagram: sonhd11.
  • Jang Seong Min: rugby National teamn
  • Jeong Han Saem: actor, model.
  • Lee Min U: chef.
  • Lee Ye Ji: MMA fighter.
  • Jeon Young: movie choreographer.
  • Park Hyung Geun (top 30): MMA fighter.
  • Seong Chi Hyun (top 30): casino dealer.
  • Park Jong Hyeok: fitness model.
  • Vita Mikju: pole dancer.

Cast and Contestants: Part Cast and Contestants: Part 1/9/9

  • Kim Chun Ri: bodybuilder.
  • An Da Jeong: bodybuilder.
  • Florian Krapf: model.
  • Kim Byeong Jin: Taekwondo national team.
  • Kim Ye Hyun: former fencer. Instagram: 1f_okey.
  • YOYO: model.
  • Kwak Myung Sik: CrossFit athlete.
  • Ma Sun Ho (top 20): bodybuilder.
  • Yoo Sang Hoon: MMA fighter.
  • Bang Ji Hoon
  • Cho Jung Myung (top 20): luge national team.
  • Jo I Taek: actor.

Cast and Contestants: Part 7/9

  • Kim Jeong Uk
  • Shin Se Gae: stuntman.
  • Carlos Albaladejo: CrossFit athlete.
  • Kkang Mi: 707 reserve Seargent.
  • Park Min Ji: wrestler.
  • Son Hee Chan: wrestler.
  • Kim Kyung Jin: former trainer and PE teacher, current farmer. Instagram: momjjangnongbu.
  • Kim Ji Han: volleyball player.
  • Nelson Miracle (top 20): acrobatics dancer.
  • Kim Sik (top 20): South Korea's National Skeleton Team coach. Instagram.
  • Choi Sung Hyuk (top 30): pole athlete.
  • Ha Je Yong: powerlifter.

Cast and Contestants: Part 8/9

  • Kim Kyeong Baek: former UDT instructor.
  • Bbulkup: CEO of a catering business.
  • Kim Gil Hwan
  • Chae Wan Ki: BJJ athlete.
  • Jung Hae Min (#2): competitive cyclist. Instagram: haegulland.
  • Lee Da Hyeon: wrestler.
  • Yoon Jun Hyeop: model.
  • Austin Kang: chef.
  • Shin Dong Guk: firefighter.
  • Park Jin Yong (#3): Olympic luger. Instagram: parkjjinyong.
  • Kim Eun Ji: fitness athlete.
  • Kim Sang Wook (top 30): MMA fighter.

Cast and Contestants: Part 9/9

  • Kang Chun Il: pilates instructor.
  • Lee Guk Young: musical actor.
  • Choi Hyun Mi: boxer.
  • Seo Ha Yan (top 30): CrossFit coach.


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