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Stage NameChungha
Full NameKim Chung Ha
Country of BirthKorea
Date of BirthFeb 09, 1996
Age28 years old
Height1.61 m (5'3")
Weight43 kg (96 lbs)
Blood TypeA

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Kim Chung Ha (김청하; born Feb 9, 1996), simply known as Chungha, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, dancer, and choreographer under MNH Entertainment. She is a former member of the Kpop group I.O.I. Chungha made her solo debut on June 6, 2017 following the disbandment of I.O.I in January 2017 after their contract had expired.


Chungha’s fandom name is Byulharang (별하랑). The agency, MNH, announced the definition with ‘byulha’ representing someone who shines brighter like a star and ‘harang’ to fly high together.

Other interpretations of the fandom name include: ‘moon friends’ in which Chungha is the moon and the fans are the stars. ‘Byul’ means star, ‘ha’ comes from Chung-ha’s name, ‘rang’ means with. The literal meaning of byulharang is ‘stars with Chungha’.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Chungha’s English name is Annie Kim.
  • Chungha is a former JYP trainee. She left the agency after the pre-debut group she was in was dissolved.
  • Chungha’s birth name is Kim Chan-mi (김찬미).
  • Chungha is a very skilled choreographer. During Produce 101, she caught everyone’s attention after coming up with a choreography for Beyonce’s Partition on the spot. She helped create the choreographies for I.O.I’s Whatta Man and several songs throughout the Produce 101 competition.
  • Languages: Chungha is able to speak fluent Korean and English. She lived in Dallas, Texas for eight years as a child.
  • Role models: BoA and IU.


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