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Stage NameSomi
Full NameEnnik Somi Douma
Country of BirthCanada
Date of BirthMar 09, 2001
Age22 years old
Height1.72 m (5'8")
Weight46 kg (102 lbs)
Blood TypeO

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Ennik Somi Douma, better known as Jeon Somi or simply Somi (전소미; born Mar 9, 2001), is a Canadian-Dutch-Korean singer and dancer under The Black Label. Somi is a former participant of the survival shows Sixteen (2015) and Produce 101 (2016). She was a member of the Kpop group I.O.I (2016) and Unnies (2017). Somi debuted as a solo artist on June 13, 2019 with the single Birthday.

Stage NameSomi
Full NameJeon So Mi
Birth NameEnnik Somi Douma
Korean Name전소미
BirthdayMar 9, 2001
Country of BirthCanada
Height172 cm (5'8")
Weight46.6 kg (102 lbs)
Blood TypeO
Zodiac SignPisces
SisterEvelyn Douma


In 2014, Somi successfully passed an audition for JYP Entertainment and became a trainee. She made an appearance in Got7’s M/V for Stop Stop It.

In 2015, Somi became a participant on Mnet’s survival show Sixteen, which eventually became Twice. Somi was eliminated in the final round

In 2016, Somi joined a second survival show Produce 101. She finished in first place and debuted with the winning group I.O.I on May 4. On October of the same year, she co-hosted MTV’s The Show.

In 2017, I.O.I disbanded on January and members parted ways to their respective agencies.

She joined the cast of the show Sister’s Slam Dunk 2 and debuted in the project group Unnies.

In 2018, Somi left JYP Entertainment after mutual agreement with the agency. Shortly after, she signed a contract under The Black Label, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment.

In 2019, Somi debuted as a solo artist with the single Birthday, produced by Teddy.

Diet and Exercise

Somi has mentioned in the past that she gains weight very easily. In 2019, during her reality show Follow Somi, Somi revealed she went through a rigorous diet in preparation for her solo debut. She had lost 10 kg (22 lbs). She went from 58-59 kg (127 lbs) to 48-49 kg (106 lbs).

Somi is often seeing doing pilates. Growing up, she practiced taekwondo with her father; she is a 4th degree black belt.


Somi is of mixed ethnicity. She is of Korean descent from her Korean mother, Jeon Sun Hee, and Candian-Dutch from her father, Matthew Douma. She was born in Ontario, Canada but she moved to South Korea with her family at the age of one. She has three different nationalities (and passports): Dutch, Canadian, and Korean. Because of her mixed heritage, Somi can speak fluent Korean and fluent English. She is also able to speak basic Dutch since her father is of Dutch descent. Somi has mentioned that she was teased when she was younger because of her mixed ethnicity.

Somi’s father, Matthew Douma, is an actor and appeared on the 2016 Kdrama Descendants of the Sun. He has also appeared in Jinjja Sana-i300 (2018) and Happy Together (2001).

Somi has a younger sister, Evelyn Douma, who has appeared in Somi’s vlogs on YouTube. Evelyn is 8 years younger than Somi.

Dating and Relationships

In a 2020 press conference for the show Don’t Be Jealous, which Somi was a co-host for, she mentioned that she is not thinking about dating anyone at the moment since she had just turned 20 and that her focus was on her work. Her goal is to get married by 30. However, one thing she would love to do once she finds a partner, is to go on a spontaneous trip together.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Age trivia: Somi was 14 years old (international age) when she participated in the reality show Sixteen.
  • Somi, her mother, and grandmother made an appearance on Hello Counselor, episode 187.
  • Somi graduated from Cheongdam Middle School and Hanlim Performing Arts High School.
  • Her Dutch last name, Douma is pronounced 'dauma' in Dutch. Enik is also a Dutch name and it means sword.
  • Her father, Matthew Douma, is a citizen of Canada and Netherlands. He was a journalist for the LA Times and a model.
  • She was the youngest member of I.O.I


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