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Stage NameRavi
Full NameKim Won Sik
Country of BirthKorea
Date of BirthFeb 15, 1993
Age30 years old
Height1.83 m (6'0")
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood TypeO

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Kim Won Sik (김원식; born Feb 15, 1993), better known by his stage name Ravi, is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, and member of the Kpop group VIXX. In 2019, he founded his own record label GROOVL1N. Ravi debuted with VIXX on May 24, 2012 and as a solo artist on Jan 9, 2017.


Stage Name: RAVI

Full Name: Kim Won Sik

Korean Name: 김원식

Birth Place: Korea

Birthday: Feb 15, 1993

Height: 183 cm (6' 0")

Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)

Blood Type: O

Zodiac: Gemini

Company: GROOVL1N

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Age trivia: Ravi was 26 years old when started his own record label GROOVL1N.
  • He was a contestant on Mnet’s survival show MyDOL. As one of the six winners, he debuted as part of the final lineup in the boy group VIXX.
  • Ravi was part of Jellyfish Entertainment from 2012 to 2019.
  • In 2019, he left Jellyfish Entertainment and started his own record label GROOVL1N. He remains a member of VIXX.
  • He made an appearance in the 2013 Kdrama The Heirs, along other VIXX members.
  • He was a contestant of the 2015 rap survival show Show Me The Money 4.
  • Ravi was part of the supporting cast in the 2018 MBC show Real Man 300.
  • Ravi was a contestant (Burst) in the King of Mask Singer (2018).
  • On Dec 2020, Ravi and Taeyeon (SNSD) were rumored to be dating but both agencies denied any romantic relationship between the two.


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