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Stage NameTZUYU
Country of BirthTaiwan
Date of BirthJun 14 1999
Age21 years old
Height1.70 m (5'7")
Weight48 kg (105 lbs)
Blood TypeA



Chou Tzuyu (周子瑜; born Jun 14, 1999), known mononymously as Tzuyu, is a Taiwanese singer and member of the female kpop group Twice formed by JYP Entertainment. Tzuyu made her debut with Twice on Oct 20, 2015.



Stage Name: Tzuyu

Full Name: Chou Tzuyu

Country of Birth: Taiwan

Birthday: Jun 14, 1999

Height: 170 cm (5'7'')

Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)

Blood Type: A



-Age trivia: Chou Tzuyu was 16 years old (16 international age; 17 Korean age) when she debuted with Twice in 2015. Tzuyu is the youngest member (maknae) of Twice.

-Height trivia: Tzuyu is the tallest member of Twice with a height of 170 cm (5'7''). She shares the same height as Yeji (Itzy), Sooyoung (SNSD), and Léa (Secret Number).

-Tzuyu is the only Taiwan-born member from Twice. In fact, she is one of the few Taiwanese idols in the kpop industry. Other Taiwanese idols include: YangYang (NCT), Shuhua (from (G)I-DLE), and SoSo (GWSN).

-Pets: dog named Gucci.

-Nicknames: Chewy, Yoda, and Chocolate.

-Foods she likes: Tonkatsu and kimbap.



YearAge*Life Event
19991Chou Tzuyu was born on Jun 14, 1999 in Tainan, Taiwan.
201214Tzuyu was discovered by talent agents at a workshop in Tainan. She moved to South Korea and became a trainee.
201517Tzuyu became a participant on JYP’s survival show Sixteen. She won a place in the final lineup of the newly formed group, Twice. Her appearance with Twice on a variety show holding the flag of China as well as her apology after the incident sparked a flux of angry reactions from both the Republic of China and Taiwan.
201618Tzuyu was voted the 3rd most popular idol in South Korea in Gallup’s Korean music poll.
201921Tzuyu graduated from high school at Hanlim Multi Art School. She was voted the most beautiful face in the world by TC Candler.

*Korean age

4K 'Feel Special' (TWICE TZUYU FanCam)

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