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Stage NameVernon
Full NameChwe Vernon
Country of BirthUnited States of America
Date of BirthFeb 18, 1998
Age25 years old
Height1.78 m (5'10")
Weight61 kg (135 lbs)
Blood TypeA

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Hansol Vernon Chwe (Choi Han Sol 최한솔; born Feb 18, 1998), better known as Vernon, is a Korean-American rapper and a member of the Kpop group Seventeen under Pledis Entertainment (HYBE Labels).


  • Stage Name: Vernon
  • Full Name: Hansol Vernon Chwe
  • Native Name: Choi Han Sol 최한솔
  • Birth Place: United States
  • Birthday: Feb 18, 1998
  • Height: 178 cm (5'10")
  • Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Zodiac: Aquarius

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Age trivia: Vernon was 17 years old (international age) when he debuted with Seventeen on May 26, 2015.
  • Family: parents, younger sister (born 2004).
  • S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mimgnyu, and Vernon are part of the Hip Hop Team.
  • Position: main rapper.
  • Ethnicity: his father is Korean and his mother is French-American. His mother is from Miami, Florida.
  • Vernon has dual citizenship: Korean and American.
  • His grandmother ran a restaurant.
  • He was born in New York, USA and moved to Korea with his family at the age of five.
  • He participated on children’s auditions and shows.
  • He was street casted while on the subway when he was in middle school. He joined Pledis in 2012.
  • He dropped out of middle school in his second year. He was homeschooled after that.
  • He was a participant in the survival show Show Me The Money 4.
  • DK and Vernon share the same birthday on Feb 18 (one year apart).
  • Languages: his native language is Korean but he can also speak English.
  • His favorite food is tofu, especially steam tofu.
  • He has natural curly hair.

Ideal Type

According to this MBTI of ISFP, Vernon's ideal type is someone with MBTI of ESFP, ISTP, or ISFJ. ISFPs might also be attracted to someone with MBTI of INFP, ESFJ, ESTP, and ENFP. ISFPs like Vernon are very curious and thus, potentially very good daters. They are very affectionate and look for romance.


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