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Stage NamePeakboy
Full NameKwon Seong Hwan
Country of BirthKorea
Date of BirthMay 27, 1989
Age34 years old
Height1.88 m (6'2")
Blood TypeA

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Kwon Seong Hwan (also Kwon Sung Hwan; born May 27, 1989), better known by his stage name Peakboy (픽보이), is a South Korean Kpop solo singer, producer, and composer under Neuron Music. He debuted on November 7, 2017.


Stage Name: Peakboy

Full Name: Kwon Seonghwan

Korean Name: 권성환

Birth Place: Korea

Birthday: May 27, 1989

Height: 188 cm (6' 2")


Blood Type: A

Zodiac: Gemini

Education: Annam High School

Shoe size: 275mm (true size but likes to wear larger 280-285mm)

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Family: parents and a pet dog named Barney.
  • Age trivia: Peakboy was 31 years old (international age) when he released his duet with V from BTS in December 2020.
  • Hobbies: collecting shoes.
  • Name meaning: His stage name Peakboy is the combination of the words ‘peak’ which represents a new level of music and ‘boy’, which he just wanted to include in his name.
  • Collaborations: On August 2020, he released the song Diet in collaboration with Wheein from Mamamoo. On Christmas eve (Dec 24, 2020) V released the song Snow Flower featuring Peakboy.
  • Trainee: He is a former YG Entertainment trainee. He left because he wasn’t good at dancing.
  • Nicknames: He is described as a sweet pumpkin because of his good personality.
  • Food dislikes: pineapple pizza and mint chocolate because he thinks it tastes like toothpaste.
  • Food likes: He likes cucumbers and raisins.
  • Ideal type: a girl who doesn’t care about age and who is like a friend; someone who is attractive beyond just a face and a body.
  • He likes to go shopping when he is under stress.


  • Peakboy has been friends since high school with actor Park Seo-joon from the drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. They first met in junior high school at a tutoring academy. When they entered the same high school, they became best friends.
  • BTS V (Kim Taehyun) is a big fan of Peakboy.
  • V, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Sik, Park Hyungsik, and Peakboy have become good friends. The first three were all part of the drama Hwarang and are known as the Wooga Squad. Peakboy was introduced to the wooga squad through Park Seo Joon.


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