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Stage NameJJ
Full Name
Country of BirthJapan
Date of BirthJan 27, 2006
Age17 years old
Blood TypeN/A

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JJ (제이제이; born Jan 27, 2006), also known as Jay or JayJay, is a Japanese-American dancer, model, and a trainee under BigHit Music. He is part of a trainee group called Trainee A, which is expected to debut in 2022. He is a former member of the Japanese dance group Amezari Red Stars and has won numerous dance competitions in Japan.

Stage NameJJ
Full Name
Native Name
BirthdayJan 27, 2006
Country of BirthJapan
Zodiac SignAquarius
Blood Type

Ideal Type

JJ’s ideal type, according to his MBTI of ESFP, is someone who can understand how they like to live in the moment. They look for someone who will give them attention but also freedom to pursue their goals. ESFPs like JJ, look for someone with confidence and curious. If you want to impress an ESFP, show that you know how to enjoy life and have fun. ESFPs pair well with ISFJ and ISTJ.

JJ's ideal type, according to his zodiac sign, is someone who is very open-minded, have a good sense of humor, are independent, and can appreciate the funky and unique. Aquarius zodiac signs like JJ are most compatible with others that are Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • JJ is from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
  • Age trivia: JJ was 15 years old when he joined Trainee A.
  • JJ joined Trainee A in August 2021.
  • Ethnically, he is half Japanese and half Caucasian.
  • He can speak Japanese, Korean, and basic English.
  • He was part of a Japanese dance group called Amezari Red Star from 2015 through 2020.
  • His specialty is dancing.
  • His favorite food is Egusi and Fufu (Nigerian melon seed stew).
  • His representative emoji is a bear.
  • Fans think he resembles Vernon (Seventeen) and Jungkook (BTS).
  • His family consists of his parents and his younger brother.
  • His hobby is to play the guitar.
  • His MBTI personality type is ESFP. He has extroverted, observant, feeling, and prospecting personality traits.


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