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CompanyLive Works Company
Year Debut2019
Year Active2
Year Disbanded2021

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1TEAM (원팀; pronounced ‘One Team’) was a South Korean boy group formed by Live Works Company. The group debuted on March 27, 2019. The five members of 1TEAM were: Rubin, BC, Jinwoo, Jehyun, and Junghoon. 1TEAM disbanded on March 14, 2021, after terminating their contract.

The official fandom name of 1TEAM is Team One, which is a play on words from Korean and English. The Korean word for member sounds like the English word ‘one’. Team One means ‘team member’ in Korean, meaning the fans are also members of 1TEAM.

1TEAM Member Ages

1TEAM Age Ranking

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. BCJul 18, 199429 years old
2. RubinAug 16, 199528 years old
3. XenFeb 20, 199826 years old
4. JehyunApr 20, 199924 years old
5. JunghoonJun 04, 200023 years old

1TEAM Member Heights

1TEAM Height Ranking

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Rubin1.79 m (5'10")
2. BC1.79 m (5'10")
3. Jehyun1.75 m (5'9")
4. Xen1.72 m (5'8")
5. Junghoon

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The oldest member of 1TEAM is Chin Sung Ho, better known as BC (born Jul 18, 1994).
  • The leader of 1TEAM is Lee RuBin (born Aug 16, 1995).
  • The youngest member (maknae) of 1TEAM is Lee JungHoon (born Jun 4, 2000).
  • The tallest member of 1TEAM is Rubin with a height of 179 cm (5'11'').


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