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Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop

NameCrayon Pop
CompanyChrome Entertainment
Year Debut2012
Year Active5
Year Disbanded2017

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Crayon Pop (크레용팝; debuted Jul 19, 2012) is a four-member South Korean girl group under Chrome Entertainment. The group debuted on Jul 19, 2012 with the self-titled mini album Crayon Pop with originally five members. Their members are: Gummi, Ellin, Choa, and Way. Soyul departed from the group in 2017.

Crayon Pop has been in hiatus since 2016.

No. of Members4
MembersGummi, Ellin, Choa, Way
Former MemberSoyul (left in 2017)
Oldest MemberGummi (born Jun 18, 1988)
Youngest MemberWay (born Jul 12, 1990)
DebutJul 19, 2012
CompanyChrome Entertainment

Crayon Pop Member Ages

Crayon Pop Age Ranking

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. GummiJun 18, 198835 years old
2. EllinApr 02, 199033 years old
3. ChoaJul 12, 199033 years old
4. WayJul 12, 199033 years old

Crayon Pop Member Heights

Crayon Pop Height Ranking

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Ellin1.65 m (5'5")
2. Gummi1.65 m (5'5")
3. Choa1.63 m (5'4")
4. Way1.60 m (5'3")

Members and Position(s)


Crayon Pop is composed of four members born between 1988 and 1990). Their names are: Gummi, Ellin, Choa, and Way. Soyul, one of the original 5 members, left the group in 2017.

The oldest member is Gummi (born Jun 18, 1988). She is also the leader of the group. She was 24 years old when she first debuted with Crayon Pop. The youngest member or maknae is Way (born Jul 12, 1990). She was 22 years old at the time of her debut with the group.


Gummileader, main dancer, vocalist
Ellinlead dancer, lead rapper, vocalist, visual
Choamain vocalist
Waymain rapper, lead vocalist, maknae

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • They have a sub-unit called Strawberry Milk.
  • Prior to their debut, they were known as Hurricane Pop.
  • Soyul, former member, became a participant in the reality show Miss Back. She is also a member of the project girl group Resonar.


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