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CompanyIST Entertainment
Year Debut2022
Year Active2
Year DisbandedN/A

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ATBO (에이비오; short for At the Beginning of Originality) is a 7-member South Korean boy group under IST Entertainment formed through the 2022 MBN's reality show The Origin - A, B, or What? They are expected to debut in the second half of 2022.

# of Members7
MembersOh Junseok, Ryu Junmin, Bae Hyunjun, Seok Rakwon, Jeong Seunghwan, Kim Yeonkyu, Won Bin
Oldest MemberOh Junseok (born March 3, 2003)
Youngest MemberWon Bin (born Jul 1, 2004)
CompanyIST Entertainment



ATBO is composed of 7 members, winners of the survival show The Origin - A, B, or What? They were born between 2003 and 2004. Their names are Oh Junseok, Ryu Junmin, Bae Hyunjun, Won Bin, Seok Rakwon, Jeong Seunghwan, and Kim Yeonkyu.

Birthdays and Ages

Oh JunseokMar 3, 2003
Ryu JunminApr 5, 2003
Bae HyunjunJun 6, 2003
Seok RakwonNov 14, 2003
Jeong SeunghwanJan 27, 2004
Kim YeonkyuMay 3, 2004
Won BinJul 1, 2004

The oldest member is Oh Junseok (born March 3, 2003). The youngest member (maknae) is Won Bin (born Jul 1, 2004).


Oh Junseokleader
Ryu Junmin
Bae Hyunjun
Yang Donghwa
Seok Rakwon
Jeong Seunghwan
Kim Yeonkyu
Won BinMaknae

Final Ranking from Show

Here is the final ranking from MBN's reality show The Origin - A, B, or What?

Oh Junseok2
Ryu Junmin4
Bae Hyunjun5
Yang Donghwa6
Seok Rakwon3
Jeong Seunghwan1
Kim Yeonkyu7

Oh Junseok


Korean Name: 오준석

Birthday: March 3, 2003

Final Rank #2

Fun Facts

  • He is very lively.
  • His specialties are dancing and rapping.
  • He was a Taekwondo player before becoming an idol trainee.
  • He wants to be the main dancer and the main rapper of the group.

Ryu Junmin


Korean Name: 류준민

Birthday: Apr 5, 2003

Final Rank #4

Fun Facts

  • He wants to be known as The Nation's First Love.
  • He wants to show fans his sexy side.

Seok Rakwon


Korean Name: 석락원

Birthday: November 14, 2003

Final Rank #3

Fun Facts

Bae Hyeon Jun


Korean Name: 배현준

Birthday: Jun 6, 2003

Final Rank #5

Fun Facts

  • He is described as a cloud because he is pure, innocent, and comfortable.
  • He prefers being reborn with a well-proportioned body over a handsome face.
  • He can play the harmonica.

Jeong Seunghwan


Korean Name: 정승환

Birthday: Jan 27, 2004

Final Rank #1

Fun Facts

  • His specialty is dancing.
  • He is from Busan and can speak the Busan dialect.
  • His longest record at a staring battle is 10 minutes.

Kim Yeonkyu


Korean Name: 김연규

Birthday: May 3, 2004

Training Time: 10 months

Final Rank #7

Fun Facts

  • His nickname is Soondubu, which means tofu in Korean because his skin is very fair and soft.
  • Between the options of being a lion in the wild or a mouse in the house, he'd rather be a mouse.
  • He was a participant in YG Treasure Box, the survival show that formed Treasure.

Won Bin


Korean Name: 원빈

Birthday: Jul 1, 2004

Final Rank: n/a

Fun Facts

  • Won Bin is the youngest member of ATBO.
  • He was added to the group after the survival show ended.


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